Did you know that Lord Sri Krishna has 5 mothers

Did you know that Lord Sri Krishna has 5 mothers ? Do you think that Adenti Devaki and Yashoda Kadha are the mothers of Kannayya .. Apart from these, Madhava gave the status of mother to three others. And now let’s find out about those five mothers.

Lord Krishna Mothers

Flute on the lips .. Yellow on the neck .. Looking at Sri Krishna in the peacock feather on the head, it does not seem that all the arts are in him. Nilamegha Shyamu lived for human welfare as long as he lived on this earth. Apart from that it fulfilled the desire of everyone who asked. Lord Krishna, the 8th incarnation of Lord Vishnu, gave us the knowledge of the Bhagavad Gita which overcomes all difficulties in the world. As a child he was in Gokulam and captivated everyone with his lilies. Everyone knows that Lord Krishna, who was born on the Krishna side of the month of Shravan, Ashtami Tithina Rohini Nakshatra Lagnamandu, had two mothers. But did you know that Kannayya has five mothers? Do you think that God, Yashoda Kadha! Apart from these two, the other three are measured as virgin mothers. Let us know about them now.


Devaki, the consort of Vasudeva, is the true mother of Lord Krishna. Devaki Mata gave birth to a virgin in the same prison where Krishna Paksham Ashtami Tithina was born in the month of Shravan after her brother Kansu was imprisoned in Mathura in Mathura. Devaki was the daughter of Devaki, the brother of King Ugrasena of Madurai. Her brother Kansudu loved Devaki very much before marriage. However, Akashwani Palki’s sister Ashtami finds out about her death through her children and imprisons Devaki and her husband Vasudeva. Devaki is also said to be the incarnation of Aditi, the mother of the gods. She married Vasudeva. For this reason, Lord Krishna is also known as Devaki Nandana and Vasudeva.


Yashoda looked into Kannayya’s missing eye. Nandu-Yashoda couple. Along with them Sri Krishna grew up in Gokulam. The little Krishna shows Yashoda all the creation in his note and astonishes her by reprimanding her for eating clay. According to Bhagavanta, Yashoda is said to have had the good fortune and salvation of Brahma and Maheshwar. While reprimanding Balakrishna for his mischief as a child .. Yashoda who looked after him very lovingly had a great impact on Krishna’s life.


Vasudeva marries Rohani before Devaki. Balaramadu, Subhadra and Ekanga Devi are their children. Balarama gives birth to the seventh child of Devaki-Vasudeva by injecting it into Rohani’s womb. Rohini lives with her daughter and son near Yashoda. It is said that Marishu, the great-grandfather of Lord Krishna, and his stepmother Rohini belonged to the Naga tribe. Also known as the daughter of Bahilika, the brother of Shantanu, the king of Hastinapur.

Sumukhi Devi

Lord Krishna also gave the status of mother to Sumukhi Devi, the wife of Sandeepani Muni. Krishna, Balarama, Sudama .. Sandeepani was educated by Maharshi. However, Guru Dakshina asks Sumukhi Devi Krishna to be his son. Because Shankasurudi is under her control. Madhava saw her as a son equal because he had freed her from his captivity. Afterwards Guramata blessed Kannayya and said that your mother will never be away from you. That is why Lord Krishna, his mother, also lives as long as Krishna lives.


Kansudu sends a demon named Puthana to kill Sri Krishna in Gokulam. The coating comes to the milk-drinking virgin. Kalakoota fills his breasts with poison and tries to kill the little Krishna. However, the virgin in the infant sucks the blood through the breasts along with the pre-conceived milk and kills her. Her body began to emit the scent of sandalwood during the funeral after Putana’s death. That scent spread throughout the atmosphere. Its description is given comprehensively in Bhagavatam. After this incident, Krishna gave the status of mother to Puthana.

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