Do you know the secret of Anantha Padmanabha Swamy Temple ?

Anantha Padmanabhaswamy Temple in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala is one of the richest temples in the world. There are six secret rooms in the basement of this temple. Among these, a few constellations of gold, diamond and gold statues were found. Let us now find out the secret behind the temple.

Anantha padmanabhaswamy

Anantha Padmanabhaswamy Temple is a name that has been heard among the people for the last few years. Known as one of the richest temples in the world, this temple is located in Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of Kerala. In this temple, which is one of the 108 divine places of Lord Vishnu, one can see the form of Srihari on the relics of the Palasamudra. He is called Padmanabhudi because he has Padma in his navel. The temple has become a hot topic of discussion due to the gold found in the basements of the temple a few years back. It is estimated to be worth a few lakh crores. Let us now get to know Kathento behind the Anantha Padmanabha Swamy Temple in the wake of the Supreme Court ruling that recently handed over the responsibility of the temple back to the Travancore royal family.

Mention in mythology

The mention of the temple is in many myths and legends. Bhagavatam states that Balarama worshiped the Lord. Nammalwar, one of the 12 Alvars, wrote many works about Swami. It is believed that the temple was built on the day of the beginning of the Kali Yuga. However, there is no definite information on the history of this temple. Records of the temple indicate that it has been worshiped for thousands of years. However the hall was rebuilt 260 years ago. The temple was under the rule of the Travancore royal family for generations.

Mahavishnu should be visited at three gates

We can not view Swami’s Moolavirattu from a door. Being a large idol, the head, arms and legs have to be seen from different gates. During the reign of Maharaja Raja Marthandavarma of Travancore, an idol of Swami was erected with thousands of salagrams. During that time, 4,000 sculptors, 6,000 laborers and 100 elephants worked for six months to create many artefacts in the temple.

Padmanabhaswamy secret rooms

In 2011, the temple administration discovered six secret rooms in the basement of the temple. Five rooms were opened with the Supreme Court ruling to open those rooms. As a result it was discovered that there was enormous wealth in those rooms. The rooms are named after the English letters A, B, C, D, E and F. Rooms A, B and C were opened first. Among them were 20 large jugs, a jug with a gold handle, a gold pen, up to 340 gold jugs, 30 silver lamps, idols of Lord Shiva and a few other gold ornaments. Apart from these, a few gold bracelets and rings keep coming.

Wealth of lakhs of crores

Room D on the north side of the temple and Room F on the southeast side. Enormous quantities of gold and diamonds were found in these rooms as well. Their value is estimated to be in the millions of crores. With the treasures uncovered in the basements, the Padmanabha Swamy Temple has overtaken Thirumala, the richest temple in the country till then. Of the six basements in the temple, five basements are already open. The wealth generated is estimated to be around Rs five lakh crore.

Nagabandhanam for 6th Room

Five rooms are open but six rooms are still open. Scholars claim that it is not possible to open it with a rope. That room is estimated to have twice as much wealth as those in these five rooms. How much wealth there is in that room is a secret known to all. Until some time ago the rulers of Travancore were the custodians of the infinite wealth found in the basements of the temple. Valuable sums of money are offered to the lord and preserved for generations.

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