Do you know why Krishna stole butter ?

Krishnashtami celebrations will begin on Tuesday. Krishna Janmashtami, which falls on Ashtami Tithi, is very special. On this day, which is celebrated as the Jayanti of Krishna, people fast and pay special homage to him. Let us now learn about the history of Krishna.

Sri Krishna Makhan Chor

Sri Krishna has a special place in Hinduism. Kannadayya is the inspiration who gave us the Bhagavad Gita to overcome any difficulties in life. Krishnashtami is celebrated on Ashtami Tithi in the month of Shravan, the birthplace of Lord Krishna. In this context, this year’s Krishna Janmashtami Tithi will begin on Tuesday, August 11 at 7.55 am. This date arrives at 09.36am the next morning. However, since Krishna was born at night, Madhava is anointed at night. In addition, the night of August 11 was worshiped. Celebrations will be on August 12. Let us now learn some interesting facts about Krishna in this context. What is the birthplace of the original Krishna? What was the reason for killing Kansudi? Let us now find out what his actual history is.

History of Krishna

In the Mahabharata epic, Lord Krishna was the great sage who killed Kansudi and made justice walk on four feet. Kansudu reigns supreme and is influenced by the speeches of Banasura and Narakasura. The original story begins with Vasudeva marrying Kansudi’s sister Devaki. After the wedding he drives himself a chariot to send to his in-laws. In the middle of the road the radio predicts the future. O Kansa! After marrying your sister you are very happy to take her. You are about to give birth to her eighth child. This is your end. With this all of a sudden the ugly Kansudu … Oh, will her eighth child come and kill me? I’ll kill her now. I will also see how she gives birth to her eighth child. As he was about to take the sword that he would kill her now .. Vasudeva left begging Kansudi. However, he keeps both of them in jail and guards some of them.

Killed six in a row

When the first child is born, the guards take the news to Kansudi. When he arrives, Devaki Vasudeva .. Is the eighth child the one who will kill you? Kansudu ignores their anguish and grabs the baby by the legs and hits him with a stone. Every time a baby was born, no matter how much those parents begged Kansudi, he killed no one left alive. Thus killing six. However, Vasudeva introduces the seventh child into the womb of his second wife Rohini and saves the child. He himself is strong.

Warning to Kansudi

Krishna is born as the eighth child. However, Vasudeva takes the child to Nandu’s wife Yashodha in Gokulam and takes her daughter. Kansu finds out that his sister Ashtama has given birth and tries to kill the girl. The baby flies into the air and becomes a majestic form of Goddess Durga and warns Kansudi. O kansa disappears saying that the one who kills you is growing up in Gokulam nowhere else. Thus Kannayya, who joined Gokulam, was the son of a great king but grew up as a common cowherd.

He stole the butter and united

Many who do not know about Krishna accuse him of being a thief. But there is a special reason for his lilas. In a way, Madhava stealing butter increased the unity among all in Gokulam. In addition their physical strength also improved. Because Kannayya used to steal butter with his friends. With the help of friends he received the butter that was on the utti somewhere. While the friends were standing in the shape of a pyramid .. Krishna climbed on top of them and received a pot of butter on top. For this reason, on the day of Krishnashtami, all the youth come together and stand in the shape of a pyramid and break it. Through this pyramid everyone is united and receives Utti.

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