Krishna Performs Dance here every night! – Want to know somewhere?

We have all heard many stories about Lord Krishna since childhood. He feels like a very naughty child who cries out to the nuns, steals the butter, and robs everyone with his innocent gaze when caught. The villagers and gopis are also heard impressing with his flute singing. Spiritualists are always talking about the Rasa-lila of Lord Krishna. All of these feel very charming. These stories have been circulating about Lord Krishna for many centuries. Nidhivan is an example of this. Nestled amidst the dense forests of Vrindavan, this temple complex attracts people from all over the world. It is said that Lord Krishna prepares food with the gopis here and also performs rasa leela with his mistress Radha and gopis. For this reason Nidhivan is closed every day after 5 pm.


Birthplace of Lord Krishna

Mathura, the birthplace of Lord Krishna, is known as the city of spiritual love. Mathura is not just a historic city. It is surrounded by many spiritual beliefs about God. Vrindavan is a city located in the Mathura district of Uttar Pradesh. Here a stone tablet mentions Swami Haridas, a devotee of Lord Krishna and a great musician who taught music to Tansen. It also mentions the Raas Leela of Lord Krishna.

Kannayya rasa leela

The Raas Leela of Lord Krishna is famously described in many books and folklores. According to this, Lord Krishna, also known as Kanna, used to dance with Radha, Gopis or Sakhis. It is said that the whole of Vrindavan was thrilled and waves of joy spread whenever his melody was heard. Lord Krishna in the Nidhivan Temple is also known as ‘Thakurji’ by the locals. It is said that at night he would perform spiritual activities (rasa lilas) here with Radha and Gopis. But no human can see this.

An unusual tree

How do we usually see a tree?

Not with stems, leaves, twigs, roots?

The roots are mainly located inside the ground. But the roots of the trees found in Nidhivan come up from the ground and are visible. Not only that, the branches are bent towards the ground.

The temple closes at 5 p.m.

The temple is closed every day at 5 pm with the idols of Lord Krishna and Goddess Radha appearing in a beautiful and serene manner. This is a process that happens regularly every day. Because it is believed that Lord Krishna comes to this forest at night to look for Raas Leela .

Vansi Chor Radha Rani

Nidhivan also houses the Vansi Chor Radha Rani Temple. According to the locals, Lord Krishna plays his flute and pays attention to Radha Rani. That is why she is said to have stolen the flute of Krishna. The temple has an idol of Radha Mata as well as a beautiful idol of Gopi.

Why not stay the night in Nidhivan?

The entrance to the Nidhivan temple complex is closed after sunset. Everyone should get out of there within this time. It is said that if someone tries to stay inside after dark they will get vision loss, hearing problems, dumbness. Nearly a decade ago, a devotee of Lord Krishna stayed in Nidhivan to see the Raas Leela . According to locals, he was in a coma when he saw the door open the next day.

Visakha Kund

During the Raas Leela , Lord Krishna digs a hole with his flute when one of the gopis, Visakha, is very thirsty. It fills with water and quenches the thirst of Vishakha. Since then, the pool has been known as Visakha Kund.

Rang Mahal

Nidhivan houses the Rang Mahal. It is said that Radha and Kannayya visit this place every night. The sandalwood vase in Rang Mahal is decorated with flowers every day for less than 7 hours. Eczema Water as well as other substances are placed near the pan.

The place where Haridas chanted

Haridas, a famous musician in Nidhivan, is said to have performed spiritual chants. The story goes that Banke Bihari ji (also known as Lord Krishna) who was fascinated by his music appeared in his dream and told him that he would live in this place.

Crushing of basil leaves is prohibited

Each basil plant in Nidhivan is a pair. These basil plants turn into gopis when Lord Krishna performs Raas Leela . It is forbidden to pick basil leaves from the temple premises. Those who do so are believed to experience unforeseen disasters. That is why no one dares to touch the basil plants here.

Lord Krishna, does Radha perform Raas Leela here every night?

Beliefs reflect Indian culture and heritage, although that is debatable. Krishna is measured by devotees as the 8th incarnation of Vishnu. Whatever the mystery, whatever the events, Vrindavan has a great spiritual significance from the devotees.

How to go?


There is no airport in Vrindavan. The nearest airport is at Kheria in Agra, Uttar Pradesh. It is located at a distance of 53 km from Vrindavan. Vrindavan is located at a distance of 128 km from the Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi. Private vehicles and taxis are available from the airport to Vrindavan.


There is no direct rail link to Vrindavan. Trains run daily to the nearby Mathura Cantonment and Mathura Junction. Vrindavan is located at a distance of 10 km from Mathura.


Buses do not run directly from major cities to Vrindavan. The nearest bus stand is at Mathura and from there it is 10 km to Vrindavan by auto, taxi and cab. Vrindavan is easily accessible by car and private vehicles.

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