Siddaramaiah calls the move to release temples from government oversight regressive.

Leader of the Opposition Siddaramaiah has criticised the State Government’s intention to release temples from government authority, saying that such a move would give just approximately 2% of the people power over the temples, depriving the rest their right.

“Even now, temples remain self-contained. If the government has jurisdiction over temples, it signifies that the final person in the social hierarchy has authority over them. Mr. Siddaramaiah stated in a press release on Sunday that the government’s action will provide temple management to 2% of the 5.5 crore Hindu people.

Kukke Subramanya temple

“The same priestly class forces that sabotaged the Basavanna Sharana movement are now utilising lower-class politicians in the BJP to grab control of temples,” he claimed. Kannadigas will be forced into religious servitude as a result of this.” He cautioned that the priestly elite will only demand autonomy of temples with a large income, not all temples. “Temples that do not generate money will be handed over to others.”

205 A category temples have 1,580 crore in fixed deposits and savings accounts, according to the former Chief Minister, with Kukke Subrahmanya Temple alone having nearly 400 crore. There are 139 B category temples with a total of 89.67 crore. “It is believed that the entire value of movable and immovable possessions under the jurisdiction of Category A and B temples exceeds Rs. 1 lakh crore.” Temple autonomy is simply a ploy to acquire control of these temples by a tiny portion of the people.”

Those who speak out against policies that lead to harassment, violations of social justice, and constitutional principles are swiftly labelled anti-Hindu or bring up concerns such as Pakistan, Islam, or Christianity to distract people’s attention, he added. “Those who preach Manusmriti have had this objective for a long time. The BJP manufactures falsehoods to engage in politics by raising concerns of religion, gods, temples, churches, and mosques.” Mr. Siddaramaiah further claimed that in the past, a myth was disseminated that the money collected in temples was used to construct Muslim and Christian sacred sites. “However, the Muzrai Department has emphasised that no such award is derived from temple funds.” Even the tasdik grants and other forms of aid granted to temples and other religious institutions after their property was taken for dispersal among the landless are funded by the government. The Muzrai Department has a 350 crore budget.”

Mr. Siddaramaiah stated that the BJP’s anti-Hindu agenda must be fought since it dilutes a 1,000-year people’s fight and is a step back in the social movement.

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