Temples will no longer be subject to income limits.

Following the passage of the Anti-conversion Bill in the Assembly, Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai said that Hindu temples will be exempt from limits on the use of income earned for their construction.

Mr. Bommai made the declaration at the conclusion of the two-day State executive of the BJP in Hubballi on Wednesday, saying that the process of removing legal limits on Hindu temples will be completed before the legislature’s Budget session by enacting legislation. “We will remove all legal constraints on our temples.” “There will just be restrictions, and these temples will be able to maintain themselves,” he explained.

Counting Temple Revenue

‘I’m going to make it happen.’

“At the moment, locations of religious significance of different religions are protected under several regulations, and they have the freedom to practise their religion,” the Chief Minister added. When it comes to Hindu sacred sites, however, there are a number of limitations. They’ve been subjected to a slew of legislative limitations and regulations. They must obtain approval from various government officials in order to use the income they make. Many of our older citizens would like to see these limitations lifted. Our administration, I assure you, will make it happen.”

Taskforce Special

Mr. Bommai also announced the formation of a special task group to oversee the implementation of the Karnataka Protection of Right to Freedom of Religion Bill, 2021, after it is enacted by the Upper House.

Mr. Bommai mocked former Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, claiming that his promise to repeal anti-conversion legislation within a week of taking office will remain a pipe dream. “You will not be elected because of your opposition to this law.” This rule, which guarantees everyone the freedom to practise their faith, will last as long as the sun and moon do,” he said. He also stated that the Anjanadri Hill in Koppal district, which is thought to be Hanuman’s birthplace, will be developed to world standards. He added that a Sriram temple will be erected in Anjanadri, and that Prime Minister Narendra Modi would be invited to kick off the development work.

Several efforts have been launched.

Mr. Bommai said he had learned a lot from Mr. Modi and that he had mentored him many times. He said he had taken up various projects under his supervision, including upholding social justice. “By April, we will demonstrate our devotion to Mr. Modi’s philosophy by executing the National Education Policy,” he stated.

The Chief Minister closed his address by stating that he had no self-interest or ego and that anybody may correct him at any time.

“If I have an interest in anything, it is in Kannadigas and the State.” If there is any question of prestige with me, it is with the BJP and Mr. Modi,” he remarked.

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