These objects should not be offered to the Shivalinga.. Do you know why ?

Tilak did not pay homage to Maheshwar as he had offered to other gods. Have you ever thought about this subject ? Also for the rest of the deities, Shiva is discriminated in some respects.

Shiva Lingam

God has a very special place among the gods. He is hailed as Bola Shankara who fulfills desires. Maheshwar is praised for blessing anyone who measures him with parama bhakti diligence and fidelity. Mahadev is measured only in the form of gender. Besides, Tilak did not worship Maheshwar as he had offered to other gods. Have you ever thought about this subject?

Also for the rest of the deities, Shiva is discriminated in some respects. We are going to learn about these today. Let’s look at Avento now.

Not even yellow is offered

According to the orthodox dharma, yellow is considered to be very pure and sacred. However, yellow is not used for Shiva. According to the sciences, the Shiva lingam is a symbol of masculine philosophy. Yellow is for women. This is the reason why Shankara was not given yellow. If you use turmeric in Shivaradhana it will become useless. Can’t get those pooja fruits. Therefore yellow should not be offered to the Shivalinga even if forgotten.

Watering with conch is prohibited

Do not water the conch with the cone. However it is used in every worship. From it water is offered to the gods. But the conch should not be used in Shivaradhana. According to Shiva Purana, a demon named Shankhachudu was killed by Parameswara. So giving water with conch in Shivaradhana is forbidden. That is why water is not given to Shankara with a conch.

Basil should not be placed on the Shivalingam

Basil should never be placed on the Shivalingam. According to the mythology, Vishnu gives the gift of immortality to his wife Jalandhar due to the sanctity of his wife. Being immortal he creates mayhem in the world. In such a situation Vishnu and Shiva plan to kill him. The group learns of the death of his aquarius and becomes enraged. In this anger basil leaves are cursed never to be used in Shivaradhana.

Do not sprinkle coconut water on the Shivalingam

Coconut water should never be given on the Shivalingam. However, Lord Shiva is worshiped with a coconut. But coconut water was banned. Everything offered to the Shivalinga should be pure and sacred. That is, what should not be eaten should be given. Coconut water is consumed after offering to the gods. That is why giving coconut water on the Shiva lingam is forbidden. However, the coconut can be beaten in front of the Shivalingam.

Red flowers should not be offered to the Shivalinga

Red flowers should never be given to the Shivalinga. It is believed that offering these will not bring the fruit of worship. Remember to offer only white flowers to Shiva. It makes them happy quickly. Also undefeated blue or white flowers can be given. It is believed that this invincible was very dear to Shiva. It is believed that God will bless you by offering it.

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